See every device. Every connection.

Armis is the leading agentless device security platform.

Armis is purpose-built to protect the world of unmanaged and IoT / OT devices, providing real-time and continuous cybersecurity asset management, risk management, and automated enforcement.

Comprehensive Armis


Discovers and classifies all devices in your environment, on or off your network.

Agentless Armis


Nothing to install on devices, no configuration, no device disruption.

Passive Armis


No impact on your organization’s network. No device scanning.

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What is Armis

The Armis agentless device security platform discovers devices, tracks behavior, detects threats, and takes action to protect your business.


Is Armis agentless and passive?
Armis is agentless, and 100% passive. This is critical because unmanaged and IoT devices can’t take an agent. And scanning can disrupt or crash these devices.
How Armis tracks detects anomalies?
We have a huge, crowd-sourced device behavior knowledgebase of 600+ million devices which compares real-time behavior of devices in your environment with multiple “known good” crowd-sourced baselines to detect compromised devices.
How do I implement Armis?
The Armis platform can install in as little as minutes, requires no network changes, and uses the infrastructure you already have.
Armis integrates with your existing IT security and management systems letting you achieve greater value and more automated response.
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Explosion of connected devices opens a new set of cyber-threats

Growth of unmanaged devices connected to enterprise networks which can’t accommodate an agent.

Last year it was reported by Forbes that attacks against IoT devices were up 300%. See yourself why it's worth to work with Armis to protect your environment.

Agentless and passive
security across industries

Manufacturing & OT

OT devices are prone tothreats from hackers and Internet-borne malware. They are typically hard to patch, run outdated versions of software, and they can’t be monitored or protected by traditional IT security products.


Connected medical devices help clinicians deliver faster, higher quality care, but they also create an attack surface. See how Armis protects these error-prone areas.


Most businesses can’t see 40% of the devices in their environment. Armis discovers all devices and associated risks in your environment.


Beacons, sensors, interactive kiosks, and point of sale devices are transforming the way retailers do business. They also create a new attack surface traditional security tools can’t protect.
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Asset Inventory

Visibility is an essential component of any security strategy for every organization.

Armis can even identify off-network devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other IoT protocols in your environment — a capability no other security product offers without additional hardware.

Armis Asset Inventory by atstratus
Armis Risk Management

Risk Management

Armis goes beyond device and risk identification. The Armis Threat Detection Engine continuously monitors the behavior of every device on your network and in your airspace for behavioral anomalies. Working with our Device Knowledgebase, Armis compares the real-time behavior of each device.

Remote Work Security

Work From Home (WFH) created visibility and asset management challenges for these businesses as they often lack the ability to fully support a remote workforce, in a secure way

With Armis, you may discover devices used by workers remotely and at home even when not logged into the corporate network.

Armis for Work from Home Security


Average % of device 'unseen' by each enterprise


Armis' tracked devices knowledgebase


Annual growth rate of devices making way into an enterprise

World’s Largest Device Knowledgebase

Core to the Armis platform is our Device Knowledgebase. It is a giant, crowd-sourced, cloud-based device behavior knowledgebase—the largest in the world, tracking over 230 million devices—and growing.

  • 600M+ Devices Tracked (and growing)
  • Largest Cloud-based, crowd sourced, device knowledgebase
  • Compares real-time device behavior to “known-good” baselines
  • Identifies policy violations, misconfigurations, or abnormal behavior
  • Rapid deployment & operationalization

Three easy steps to success

We will tailor a POV to give you a thorough snapshot of your existing - seen and unseen - network of devices.

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Free Proof of Value

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Implement in Hours

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